Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Interactive concept design

I wanted to include this interactive Flash example at the end of my droid bike tutorial but I might as well make a separate post for this animated sequence since the other thread got so heavy.

My good friend Joel Carlo took my CorelDRAW droid bike vector illustration and made this interactive Flash comp. The bike's motion could be a Flash generated random motion script (keyframed here)... He also added buttons to display various optional background settings that update in real time... Go ahead... Click one and see for yourself:)

Can you imagine sending out a piece of animated artwork where the art director gets to see the foreground image interact with various background elements? A fantastic concept!

Flash animations can be creatively kept small (file size wise) by mixing raster with vector elements. So, for instance... One could render out a raster animated sequence of the bike foreground elements, looped, with all FX as a millions of color animation to preserve the alpha channel and retain transparency. One could then make separate vector layers with independent timelines for various background elements.
Example: The bike could be a 24 frames per second raster animated loop moving for 48 frames (2 seconds), while a vector moon in the background could take a minute or two to slowly pass the width of the frame (click on button 4). Add interactivity, HD aspect and 5.1 surround sound to the mix and I think we are seeing the future of concept design.


Keywords: interactive flash loop concept design with revolving backgrounds exchanging with foreground animated loop render droid robot driving woman in a futuristic anime style motorcycle in the rain

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