Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Colorado train car model

Here's the thing... I've been working with corelDRAW since version 7. I didn't realize that I could import my vector data into a 3D application (I use Lightwave) until version 11 but when I did... It changed my work completely.

Above is the first object I made in Lightwave. I had taken some photographs of a train yard in Denver around the Stapleton district area... I drew it out in corelDRAW and imported all of my vector data as version 6 Illustrator files via the EPSF loader in Lightwave. I couldn't believe that I could use my vector work as a background template guide and I could also use the actual vector data in my modeling. WHAT?! I had basic modeling skills before I ever opened a modeling package. Crazy.

After I finished the crossing post and the pole, I decided to make some tracks.

The tracks were relatively easy. I mapped texture and photo images onto my geometry from my 35 mm AGFA slide library I had built up over the years studying photography.

I made a road even and added some rocks... It lead for me to try and model a train car for my scene. I thought that a basic square box car would make a great first model attempt. I could figure out my corelDRAW to Lightwave work flow, learn how to texture, light and composite and still make a basic model that I could be proud of.

This is what I came up with about three months later. All the geometry besides the simplest basic primitives were drafted up in corelDRAW and imported into Lightwave as Illustrator version 6 data.

Here is a test night scene render.

Below is my final render... I tried to light it so it had a dusk alien abduction feel to it but I don't think I pulled it off...

Here is an animated sequence I put together a few years later for CGSociety's EON challenge. The rings on the red blinky lights are circles made in corel draw applied as a translucency map.

There is a high definition 24 frame per second flash loop of this animation here.

Check out my slice and bend technique using the corelDRAW to Lightave pipeline.

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Anonymous said...

Impressive...VERY Impressive. Thanks for your play-by-play of how it was all done. You certainly know your tools.
Merridy in Maine (moved here from CO)

Tim said...

Very, very, nice design. This helped a lot as reference drawings for a train I made as a CAD project. Mine isn't nearly as good as yours, but I was also supposed to dumb it down as it was to be a drawing of a toy train car.

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