Monday, March 17, 2008

I scored a two page spread in Imagine FX!

Crazy but true. One of my CorelDRAW vector illustrations is featured in the reviews section of the April 2008 issue of Imagine FX.

I would like to thank John Falsetto and Gerard Metrailler of Corel and everyone else at Corel corp. who helped make this possible.

And to some of the best friends that a person could ever have...

Joel Carlo... This guy is a badass. He gets printed in mags like it's walking around the block, does not let it get to his head and pushes/inspires me more than anyone. Has articles in Imagine FX, 2D artist and more. He has taught me everything I know about Flash.

Shane Grajczyk... Lead print designer at Qwest here in Denver Hollarado. Recently featured in Advanced Photoshop magazine. Nuff said?

Anthony Mellick...
I've known this guy for twenty years. More like a brother than a friend. Recently featured on the front page of The Denver post sports section for the making of his skate shop video Hollarado! He has captured one of the sickest tricks ever on DV... HERE.

Tommy Mcmillion... The best dad that two little girls could have. Some of his beats have been featured on Starz/Encore free preview segments. Check out inlay entertainment and listen to the banger loop on the home page.

And then there is Chris Blarsky of Absolute extremes who first turned me on to CorelDraw at around 1997 0r 1998 who has recently landed a cover of cpu magazine with his cpu logo pc mod.
This spread would probably never have happened if it wasn't for him... So THANKS man... I owe you a beer... Or two.

Thanks to all of you guys... Holdin' Denver down in the audio and visual departments... 2008 is starting off big... Let's do work!


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Gerard Metrailler said...

This is fantastic news. Very happy that it worked out.

Chris Blarsky said...

You deserve it!
Layout looks tough!

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