Thursday, June 21, 2007

6.1 surround sound Discus fish tank

I drafted this concept surround sound speaker display in CorelDraw10 but no longer have the artwork. The fish tank is a 140 gallon tall Oceanic show with stand and the fish pictured are often referred to as Red melons, a strand of Discus. The speakers are the B&W brand and are the tail end of my 6.1 surround sound entertainment system in my basement. Would have liked for the speakers to be farther apart for better sound separation but this was the space I had to work with. I am a fan of just straight white textured walls lit in a bright and colorful manner. The front of this room is almost done now and I will post it when finished.

Keywords: using conduit as rear 7.1 surround sound b&w bower and wilkins speaker stands 140 gallon oceanic systems aquarium fishtank fish tank discus scandinavian furniture blue light marine land marineland filter emperor penguin power heads hang on flow

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