Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Me on the moon Flash loop

I'm happy that Blogger allows raw HTML within posts... Thanks Blogger! This being my first post here, I thought it'd be appropriate to post a small multi-media graphic composite I made back in 2003 of me at my airbrush shop on the moon... It came about because there were only twelve of us (tenants) in a three hundred unit shopping mall.
The mall closed recently and is slated for renovation sometime this summer. R.I.P. Buckingham square... 11 years of doing business in there make for some insane memories. Thanks.

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ShanesArt said...

Nice Bro! I also hear that COREL has asked you to do a blog for them. That's awesome! Now if you can get them to sponsor you and sipply programs. You da Man! Peace - S

karimakandda sony said...

I find myself very diverse, in that I will airbrush on just about anything. Though I don’t make a full time living on my art, I do hope to one day, be able to set at home and just paint what ever I want on what ever I want.
Your blog actualy reminds me of a time in my life… (here comes a story, I’ll make it short
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