Sunday, September 2, 2007

Stevie Williams motion graphic

Hello there,
I made this motion graphic a while ago... 2002-2003. I've been airbrushing skateboard griptape since 1989 and thought it might make an interesting multi-media graphic to combine all of the elements together into a Flash loop.

Tony from the denver shop gave me a blank shop deck which I sprayed yellow using some good old Krylon paint. I then vectored out the griptape letters for the bottom of the board using CorelDRAW and cut them out with my Roland vinyl cutter. I stuck 'em on the skateboard, applied a fresh sheet of griptape on top and airbrushed the word airbrushed on it using a Paasche VL airbrush.

I took some pictures of a train yard and composited a pic of professional skateboarder Stevie Williams into the scene using Adobe Aftereffects. I filmed the skateboard with my Sony VX-2000 digi cam while spinning it holding it with one finger on the nose with the tail on the ground. I had to roto around the skate which did not turn out as good as I would have liked because I did not film the skate against a contrasty background but eh... This is pretty old and I'm a little wiser now.

Kind of a crazy combination of black and white, sepia and color. Here are some airbrushed griptape samples...

Nathan Fantasia

Steve Irons

Tony Hawk

You can see more examples of my airbrushed griptape right over here. Happy Labor Day!

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